Lyman Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner Review

Lyman Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner Review

Before ultrasonic cleaners, traditional methods were used to clean out gun parts. Methods such as hand scrubbing and self-cleaning used to be the preferred method of restoring value to people's items. However, as technology advances, these techniques became obsolete.

Now, ultrasonic cleaners provide a faster, easier way to keep your weapons clean. One ultrasonic cleaner can clean out the grime from your guns faster than a human possibly could. Because of this, it's important to invest in an ultrasonic cleaner.

That's why we're reviewing the Lyman Sonic Case Cleaner. It's a quick and powerful cleaner that can clean your brass filings in under 10 minutes. Throughout this review, we'll quickly discuss its capabilities, advantages, and other things to know before buying the product.

Our primary goal is to give you the accurate information you need about this ultrasonic cleaner. Also, make sure to check our buyer's advice to see if there's anything we might've left off in the review. By the end of the article, it's up to you to decide if Lyman Sonic Case Cleaner is good for you.

About The Product

Technical Specs

  • Heated Tank
  • Cleans Gun Parts in 10 minutes
  • Capacity holds up to 900 9mm cases
  • Cleans Primer Pockets
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 10 x 9.1


The Lyman Sonic Case Cleaner provides an ultrasonic cleaner that allows the user to clean their cases inside and out in under 10 minutes. It's priced at around $101, making it a great choice if you're on a budget.

This device's easy to follow instructions is one of the main reasons that keeps consumers satisfied with this product. Fill the tank up with the proper amount of water. Next, add a small cup of cleaning solution in the top of the tank. Set your desired time settings (up to 8 minutes) and watch as the machine fully cleanses your gun accessories.

Lyman Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner

When you use firearms frequently, carbon begins to build up inside of it. This can be dangerous as it reduces the effectiveness once you use the firearm. The Lyman Sonic Cleaner is known to remove carbon build up on guns that have been fired over 100+ times. Get this product if you want to restore your old gun parts to their store-bought appearance.

Cavitation is a term used to describe bubbles that are placed in a body of water. During the process, the bubbles are moved through high frequencies to remove the contaminants in your items effectively. Once the bubbles come into contact, they clear out the toxins almost instantly.

There is a heated tank that comes with the cleaner. When the machine is pressed on, the heat works with the cavitation process to purify the toxins found within your gun parts. The tank has a frequency of 40 kHz, making it easy to clear out your items in a short period.

Shoppers liked the product because of its expansive basket size. Its dimensions are at 9.5 x 5.75 x 3 inches meaning that it can hold a considerable amount of parts before becoming full. You'll like this product if you need enough space to clean multiple parts in one cycle.

However, the short timer is one thing that consumers find fault with the device. The timer has a maximum of 8 minutes; which can be a problem for those needing more time to clear out heavier gun parts.

The Lyman Sonic Case Cleaner is the best gun cleaner in its category. It has enough power and capability to clean an array of bullets within 15 minutes. Get this product if you want to improve the effectiveness and firing precision of your weapons within a respectable time frame.

Buying Advice

Now that we've thoroughly reviewed the Lyman Sonic Case Cleaner, there are still a few things you need to understand. Read this section to find out the particular things you need to know before making your first purchase.

Cleaning Purpose

Your cleaning purpose is an important aspect of buying an ultrasonic cleaner. Post cleaning results are a major concern for people in the restoration, manufacturing, and the medical field. Ultrasonic cleaning is the most accurate and effective process known to science.

Lyman Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner

Find out the reason of why you're using an ultrasonic cleaner before getting one. Are you planning on cleaning your gun parts? Then the Lyman Sonic Case Cleaner has enough power and operating speed to ensure that your parts remain spotless after a few washing cycles.

Tank Frequency

Here is a small table to demonstrate which frequency you'll need for your cleaning projects.

Frequency Purpose

  • 20-40kHz - For small, basic home cleaning projects. Use this setting for kitchen items and small pieces of jewelry.
  • 44-80 kHz - For items that need a delicate, yet powerful cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaners at this rating are known for cleaning out gun parts and watches.
  • 100+ kHz - Heavier items that require the utmost care should use this setting. High powered cleaners are able to drastically improve the appearance of your items without causing any scratches.

Timer Settings

A timer is another important aspect to consider when getting your first cleaner. Most come at a setting at around 5-10 minutes; which is ample amount of time to clean your parts fully. For heavier objects, try getting a timer that goes for up to 15 minutes or more.

The Lyman Sonic Case Cleaner has a time that lasts for 8 minutes. By the end of this time, at least 95% of objects will be thoroughly cleansed. Add additional cleaning cycles if your objects don't come out clean once the timer is shut off.


We believe that the Lyman Sonic Case Cleaner is perfect for removing carbon and grime from your gun parts. It's fast, reliable and has enough capacity to store your items and effectively clean them. Thus, you should get this product if you're a hunter trying to improve the quality and appearance of your ammo.

Lyman Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner2

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