Kendal Ultrasonic Cleaner Review

Kendal Ultrasonic Cleaner Review

In this article, we'll quickly review the Kendal Ultrasonic Cleaner. It's a valuable cleaner that provides a clean finish each time it's in use.Our main goal is to give you information on this product's features.

In our review section, we'll give you a detailed review on Kendal Ultrasonic Cleaner. We'll go in depth with the pros and cons associated with this product. This gives you a better understanding of the product before you plan on buying it.

Our buying advice section will give you extra information we might have left out. Read this section if you need more advice on what to look for as you find your first ultrasonic cleaner. In our conclusion section, we finalize our review and recap why the Kendal Ultrasonic Cleaner is worth buying.

That being said, we are ready to move onto our review.

About The Product

Technical Specs

  • Circuit Protection
  • 5 Different Working Cycles
  • 42 kHz Transducer
  • 160 Watts


The Kendal Ultrasonic Cleaner is a robust and reliable ultrasonic cleaner. It's priced at a low $81, which is ideal for those wanting an affordable cleaner.

People like the simple design on the front of the machine. It's divided into three sections:

  • Blue light: Located on the right side of the machine, the blue light turns on when the heater is on.
  • Timer: In the middle of the device, you'll see the machine's timer. Set it to a max of 8 minutes to start an intensive and efficient cleaning cycle.
  • Green Light: Placed to the left of the cleaner is a green light. This lets you know that the machine is in operation and is cleaning your items.

Consumer's like this cleaner because of its powerful cleaning cycle. For instance, most of the grime and dirt will be removed during your first cycle. If there is any more noticeable dirt, then it's loosened and can be easily wiped off with a cotton cloth. This product's cleaning cycle is efficient and will clean your items within minutes.

Kendal Ultrasonic Cleaner

Another advantage lies in this cleaner's circuit protection feature. Consumers switched from other devices to the Kendal because it automatically shuts off when exposed to high temperatures. The circuit protector keeps the machine running safe, making it a useful and safe product.

You'll also like the Kendal Ultrasonic Cleaner because of its heat settings. The cleaner comes with a heater which can be used to enhance the cleaning process. Shoppers love this feature as it's easy to toggle on and off depending on what needs to be cleaned. Thus, making it a good choice for those wanting to quickly clean out their items.

But, you'll want to watch out for this product's lack of durability. On some occasions, consumers complained that their machine stopped working after three months of use. Make sure to properly maintain your device to prevent this issue.

Overall, we think that the Kendal Ultrasonic Cleaner is a versatile and efficient device. It has enough power to clean most parts within 8 minutes. Purchase this product If you're looking for an affordable and useful ultrasonic cleaner.

Buying Advice

Here are a few extra things to consider before buying your first ultrasonic cleaner.


Value consists of three parts: Price, Durability, and Warranty Information. Each of them factors into how well your cleaner will perform and how fast it can be fixed if any repairs are needed.

While price isn't the first factor into buying a product, it should be taken into consideration. For instance, the Kendal Ultrasonic Cleaner is priced at about $81. Making it an affordable ultrasonic cleaner to utilize for your cleaning purposes.

With durability, you'll want a machine that lasts long and withstands a lot of abuse. Make sure that you cleaning tank has a stainless steel surface to ensure that everything works properly.

Kendal Ultrasonic Cleaner2

Last, you'll want an ultrasonic cleaner with a good warranty. On average, ultrasonic cleaning brands have warranties that last up to 3 years. This gives you ample amount of time to utilize the product and get repairs in case anything goes wrong.

What Size Tank Do I Need?

Your cleaner's tank size is an important factor to consider before buying. Some shoppers make the mistake of measuring their largest part then sizing their tank accordingly. Instead, you should take a look at all of your parts first.

If you are only cleaning small, specific parts, then the choice is easy. However, the choice might be more difficult if you plan on cleaning items of various sizes. Are there only 2-3 large parts that need cleaning? If so, then you should purchase a larger tank easily clean out the heavier items in your inventory.

Do I Need Heat?

Heat is a valuable feature when it comes to ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic energy travels best through water at a temperature between 140° and 170°F. Additionally; hot water dissolves dirt and soil on your items, which speeds up the overall cleaning process.

Wave Sweep

Wave Sweep is a feature that's recommended in about 96% of all cleaning situations. It works by dispersing different wavelengths with different frequencies. Also, wave sweep eliminates germs in all active and dead zones in the tank.

This results in a more effective and uniform cleaning of your items. With wave sweep, you don't need a degassing mode as it quickly accelerates the degassing of your solutions.


The Kendal Ultrasonic Cleaner is one of the best cleaners in the market. It has an easy-to-read design, a powerful cleaning cycle, and a heater that cleans your items faster. If you're looking for a budget friendly, yet effective cleaner, then this machine is perfect for you.

Kendal Ultrasonic Cleaner3

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